Thank You

We started creating our class web site,, January 2015 and went “live” in March 2015.  It has been and will continue to be a work in progress.  Now coming down to the wire, the information posted on the site has gone to “press” (as we would call it in our day) to “myevent reunions made easy” @ web site for them to burn a CD.
After many long days and nights, we are finally at the end…Kathy & Diane can still add information to the site and it will be available when we renew for our next reunion, however the site may go offline in January 2016, unless someone wants to fund it to keep it going.   
We want to thank all of you who provided and named the class pictures making our site a success and renewing so many friendships through our facebook site Sunnyside, WA
High School Class of 1965 @
This has been a fun project, but it is slowly coming to an end.  Email either one or both of us at and/or if you have something to add.  We will be working on getting the class pictures into albums on our facebook site for easy retrieval. 
Remember, this continues to be a “work in progress”.